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We cherish our senior members!  Our Senior Ministry encourages those in our Fellowship who are 60 and over to participate in activities that foster spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach, and wholesome fellowship events. The church plays an important role in the physical well-being of older adults, from providing visit, meals adult classes specifically catered to senior needs.  Our congregations have found varied ways to foster the well-being of older adults. We found when you place an emphasis on the faith development of older adults this in turn help the church to have members who can assist with various other ministries or individuals of other ages with their walk with God. We need one another, and this need expresses itself in healthy relationships as nurturing and caring opportunities. Old and young alike should be encouraged to work, play and study together.  Older adults are the fastest-growing age demographic in many of our congregations. We can remain behind the curve and ignore an important resource for church vitality and growth, or we can be enlightened to the special gifts that older adults offer to Christ and the church.

We hope that as you persue the Senior Adult Ministries you will find help and solace within the ministry as you develop and continue to grow in the Lord.  

Lora Daniels - ldaniels@southlakechurchofchrist.com
Jackie Tolbert - jtolbert@southlakechurchofchrist.com  
Juanita Mitchell - jmmitchell@southlakechurchofchrist.com

Elder:  Cornell Daniels - cdaniels@southlakechurchofchrist.com
Deacon:  Knox Bates - kbates@southlakechurchofchrist.com