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Our Vision
To be a healthy church that balances worship, learning/edification, fellowship/discipleship, outreach/evangelism, and acts of mercy/benevolence, while emphasizing our strengths in learning and fellowship.
We dream of a church that exist for the city; a church known for love and good deeds to glorify God. 
To see all members identify their spiritual gifts and mobilized to use them in specific ministries to the church or community.
To see members committed to corporate “Body life” through small group involvement, meeting the needs of one another, learning from one another, praying for one another, and demonstrating to their neighborhoods the love of Christ through unity (John 17:21).
To see leaders developed through church-based training in Bible, theology, character, ministry skills, and family life.
To so impact the Clayton County area with the transforming power of the gospel lived out in word and deed that even unbelievers would consider Southlake Church of Christ a valuable asset to the city.
To see all members trained to effectively share their faith in their neighborhoods, leading to substantial church growth through conversions of formerly unchurched people based on relational evangelism.
To see the people of SCOC become Christians who pray prayers and live out a passion to be part of a larger movement of God to plant churches throughout the city, country, and world.
To effectively reach out to students at Clayton State University equipping them to live out the gospel on their campuses and to see key students trained at SCOC for vocational ministry.