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College and Young Adults

It takes special kind of people to work with young adults.  Even more challeging is getting this age to commit between college and young adult challenges as they navigate to find themselves as they become effective and productive adults.  
But, this is when they need the church the most.  College campuses are the cutting edge of culture and those who areoutside of college and starting life in the world with all of the happenings of society.  Things are rapidly changing for them.  In reaching college students and young adults we must be a step ahead of what interest them combined with what they need and making sure they stay in the footsteps of C hrist without being pulled away into what the world think is right.

 We must not stumbble and give up but push stedfastly ahead in reaching out to touch these young lives.  What worked a few years ago is no longer relevant because our audience has changed.  We are constantly having to innovate to reach a rapidly changing audience.  If you want to make a difference in the lives of young people this is the ministry for you and not the faint of heart.  

Coordinator:  Amiece Medlock - amedlock@southlakechurchof christ.com
Coordinator:  Denesia Pierce - dpierce@southlakechurchofchrist.com    

Elder:            Ron Taylor - 
Deacon:        Knox Bates - kbates@southlakechurchofchrist.com