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The Power of Touch

But Jesus said, “Someone touched me”…“Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man…”(Lk.8:46; Matt.8:3)
Jesus spent His whole ministry touching lives and being touched by those He came in close contact with.  Jesus knew the power of touch and the need to be touched. 
When the woman in Luke 8 touched Jesus there was a vast carefulness for what Jesus did in response to being touched.  That innocent touch the woman gave Him enabled her to find what she needed.  We can never underestimate how we help those around us, especially when someone else is touching our very lives. 
What they are drawing from us becomes immeasurable. Jesus knew that He had been touched. Christ felt that someone’s life had changed for the better.  Jesus was not satisfied with just restoring the woman physically, socially and publicly. He was overly concerned with restoring her spiritually.  All of this happened from her giving Jesus a gentle touch.  When someone’s life has touched yours has it made his or her life better?
Our lives are designed to have great purpose.  And to fulfill that purpose often times requires touching those around us.  Our touch has the power to heal the weary souls of others.  One major requirement is to have a heart that’s willing to touch.   In Matthew 8, Jesus Christ was willing to touch a man others were not.  He brought to him a healing that soothed the pain he carried with him.  Amazingly, Jesus took the time to touch a leper and it brought about a change in the man’s life that he would always remember.  Jesus was not concerned with the man being unclean; what was more important was Jesus knew the man yearned to simply be touched.  Someone’s life will change today because his or her life has touched yours or your life has touched someone.